Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Client: Novira Tartu mnt 83
Commission: 2014
Completed: 2016
Size: 7,400 m2


One of the most important streets in Tallinn, Tartu maantee, has always had a practical and “business-like” existence – once, there were industrial buildings for manufacturing, nowadays, there are office buildings for businesses. As Tallinn continues to grow, the built areas along Tartu maantee will become increasingly dense and urban – the empty spaces will be filled, and the deserted and dilapidated buildings will be replaced by buildings suitable for a main street. The growth that started in the heart of Tallinn at the end of last century has progressed continuously for 20 years along Tartu maantee toward the city limits; and now, it has reached the half-way point – Sossi hill.

The new office building will replace a 2-storey deserted and derelict building. There used to be small shops in this building for the workers of the Tselluloos and Liviko factories waiting for the tram after their shift. The new office building has been positioned ideally on a future artery of the city, with a new court building and many other office and residential buildings planned for construction around it, which together will help make the Sikupilli and Tselluloos areas suitably dense and practical for a thriving city.

The serious and rational appearance of the new building will reflect the limestone factory buildings situated across the street, whose robust practicality sets the pace and character for the entire area. The functional structure of the building borrows from the past, and supplements itself for the future – the ground floor will again provide services for workers and employees waiting at the tram stop, and the café will attract visitors from nearby offices and businesses. The office levels of the building are based on the general essence of the rationality and practicality of the area, with a roof terrace as a kind of enjoyable twist, enabling the “residents” of the building, unlike those of the many other office buildings, to enjoy the fresh air and views across Tallinn and the sea.