KOKO architects invited to Paris to talk about their work and experiences

On the 9 February Andrus Kõresaar from KOKO architects gave a lecture on the architectural rebirth of old buildings at the Chaillot Palace in Paris.

"Les Entretiens de Chaillot" talks organized by the French Institute of Architecture presents remarkable international achievements in modern architecture every year.

A few days prior to the lecture, the exhibition "Un bâtiment, combien de vies?" was opened in the same building. The exhibition shows architecturally remarkable buildings that have been given a second life. The main focus of the exhibition is the discussion of the possibility of giving buildings a second life.

KOKO architects are represented by models of the Seaplane Harbour and Fahle house reconstructions – both of which illustrate a new chance being given to a seemingly hopeless old building.

The curator of the exhibition and director of the French Institute of Architecture, Francis Rambert, raises the question “What if we stopped demolishing in order to build?” “We have reached a time when we need to transform existing buildings as well as already urbanized territories. It took us 50 years to end with this denial, but we have finally gone from an ex nihilo approach to an in vivo approach”. Rambert prefers the word transformation over rehabilitation as “to transform is a creative act in its own right”. Rehabilitation for Rambert is more about being in compliance with the methods and standards.

Andrus Kõresaar said that it was a great honour to talk about Estonian architecture and to present our achievements alongside world-famous architects in such a powerful building as the Chaillot Palace on the Right Bank of the river Seine overlooking the Eiffel tower.

The exhibition will be open until the end of September 2015 at the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine (Architecture & Heritage Centre) at the Chaillot Palace in Paris.