Seaplane Harbour awarded the Ex Aequo Silver Medal at Domus International Award

KOKO architects was awarded the International Architectural Restoration Prize entitled “Fassa Bortolo

Domus restoration and preservation” for the design of the Seaplane Harbour reconstruction.“Valorisation of the relatively recent industrial heritage is particularly important given the recent losses of this type of building throughout the world and also the technical difficulties inherent in tackling the problems of the degradation of reinforced concrete, particularly in large structures near the sea. This is an exemplary pioneering project, not least for the gravity of the pathologies affecting the concrete (resolved without exaggeration) and the highly imaginative reutilisation of the internal spaces. The social impact is by no means secondary as in just a few months it became the most visited museum in

Estonia. The project fits into a context of great attention to restoration throughout the city, its various parts and various periods. The difficulties overcome are truly remarkable,” stated the jury in their official announcement.

The Prize conceived and promoted in 2010 by the Architecture Department at Ferrara University and Fassa Bortolo was established for the purpose of rewarding and promoting to the public at large architectural restoration works that have managed to best interpret the preservation principles shared by the scientific community, including through the use of contemporary forms of expression.

The Domus International award for restoration has taken place regularly every year since 2010. The award is divided into two different sections, one for professionals
and built projects and one for young graduates who have presented their thesis.

This year there were over 150 enrolments from European countries, South America and Asia. The award ceremony will take place on March 26th in Ferrara, Italy.