KOKO architects and Nordecon to renew Estonia Spa in Pärnu

The architectural competition by Estonia Spa to find an architect-constructor was won by the team KOKO architects and Nordecon. The two companies signed a contract with Estonia Spa for the reconstruction of their two hotel and spa facilities – the Green Building and the White Building.

Estonia Spa is a hotel complex with spa services owned by the city of Pärnu. The existing buildings date back to the late 80s and beginning of 90s and have therefore lived past their service quality expectations.

KOKO architects are responsible for the design of the renovation project and the new architectural solution. Andrus Kõresaar from KOKO architects said that Estonia Spa would get a new distinctive interior design solution that aims to create a modern

Estonian resort. “We were inspired by Estonian nature, ethnic traditions, handicraft and culture,” said Kõresaar. According to Kõresaar the construction of the new sauna and swimming pool facilities make it possible to add a wellness category to the spa.

The works are planned from January 2014 until July 2015 and the predicted cost for the engineering andconstruction works is 8,3 million Euros.