Competition to reconstruct the premises of the Estonian History Museum at Maarjamäe Palace won by KOKO architects

Maarjamäe Palace is the best-preserved intact summer manor complex in Tallinn, built in 1874.

The task of the architectural competition was to logistically plan the internal rooms and outdoor spaces of the Estonian History Museum located in the existing building while integrating the historic building with the function of the museum and the parks surrounding the building.

The key idea for the design by KOKO Architects is “layers” – marking the historic layers, the multi-layered exhibitions and the visible geological strata at Maarjamäe. Lines that vaguely resemble the museum's logo divide the landscape around the palace into sections that mark the various stages of Estonian history including “the good old Swedish times”, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and so on.

The reconstruction works will start at the beginning of 2015 and the museum is planned to be reopened for the public by the Centenary of the Republic of Estonia in 2018.